cinderfae (cinderfae) wrote in childs_eye,

A Request..

I would like to request that lollirotangel does my request.

I would like a background with this image
. I am going to make a black, white, and gray journal very newspapery and I want the two girls in the upper right hand of the wallpaper it is going to be fixed and I am going to move the journal entries to the other side so they can be seen.

I would like to Icons to go with this background one of each of the girls. For the pink girl I would like there to be text that says: Wondering. And for the Blue girl text that says Dreaming.

Ok and I would like to request one more avatar. This one I don't care who makes it.

This image. I would like it to say: Never Sleeps. Could there be some animation on this one. Like have never sleeps flash across the avatar and maybe some of those movie line type things that are seen alot in the movie.

Thanks so much in advance.
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