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childs_eye's Journal

Childs Eye Graphix
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Childs Eye Graphix is a community for Graphix Requests made by certain, accepted, designers. We will do: Icons, Banners, Headers, Backgrounds, Blinkies, etc. Please, if you are not an accepted maker, don't go making requested graphix for users here. If you want to do Graphix, talk to me to see if you can be accepted as a Maker.

Request Amounts___

You may only request certain amounts per week.

+ 3 Icons/Blinkies a week.
+ 2 Banners/Headers a week.
+ 1 Background per month.

You can mix the numbers up. Like 1 icon, a banner, and a background. But if you make a request of 2 banners or headers, then you can't request any other graphix that week. If you make a BG request, you will be unable to request that week, or for the rest of the month.


001. Only members may request!
002. Provide specifics in your request. Things like the images, colors, fonts, text, brushes, animation, etc. With BG requests, make sure to tell us the resolution (screen size)!
003. No Spamming, so don't link to other Comm's or Journals.
004. If you know who you want to do your requests, make sure to tell us in your request post!
005. No cross posting into this comm from another.
006. Give us time, it may take time to get your request filled.
007.Large images, or posts with more than 2 images, should be put behind an Lj-cut.
008. Give credit to the comm or your maker!
009. Do not take other finished requests!


+ lollirotangel
+ setme______free
+ sakurapinku

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