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icon requests

for miss lollirotangel. (you said you made icons when we were talking in punchinakiss and told me to put in requests here... so here goes.

For the first icon, I'd like to use this picture here but in black and white with the background smudged with the picture having those little lines that run through it and make it look scratchy. I'd like the words "sell me a pre-packaged body conception" to flash over and then fade out. I'd like the line"sell me a dream of love everlasting" to do the same, then "sell me the perfection of satisfaction" and finally "give me beauty or give me death" (It's a lot of writing, and I'm sorry for that.)

For the second icon, I'd like to use this picture here I'd my picture to flash in the colours of pink, purple, blue, green, and red. (if you could smudge the background or fix it so it's black that would rock) While the picture is flashing pink I'd like the words "Destroyed" to show up. Purple should also have "Destroyed" on there as it flashes, as well as blue and green. They should both flash "destroyed" as well...but over a little more each time. And then finally "Yours Always" with a little heart.

For the third and final request, if you could use the picture here in black and white, if you could put in a black and white striped background...with hot pink words that say "You only wanna kiss when the music's on" and a little heart that kinda flashes in and out.

Thank you soo soo much. I'm sorry that these are like, really really complicated. If you can't or don't want to do any of them I totally understand. Thank you for your time, as well.

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